Hair Transplant Shampoo

  • Reduces The Side Effects Of Hair Transplantation And Accelerates The Growth Of Transplanted Hair


  • Reduces the side effects of hair transplantation and accelerates the growth of transplanted hair.
  • Controls and decreases the secretion of sebum due to tea tree oil.
  • Improves the healing of wounds due to vitamin C.
  • Reduces the infection risk with an antibacterial effect due to the centella extract.
  • Has antifungal, antibacterial and softening effect due to burdock extract.
  • Reduces the itching, redness and inflammation of the scalp due to allantoin.
  • Fortifies the follicles and accelerates the regrowth of transplanted hair due to biotin, vitamins B5 and A, and argan oil.
  • Reduce the risk of pressure or strain on newly implanted hair due to the foam form of the product
  • Designed even for open wounds.
  • Treats the inflammatory diseases of the scalp.
  • Suitable for all hair transplant methods, Mesotherapy, PRP.
  • Suitable for use on the scalp, beard, mustache and eyebrows.
  • Neutral pH.
  • No harmful substances, silicon, dimethicone, gluten, propylene glycol and paraben free.

Direction for use

  • Use enough shampoo on the scalp, Rinse after 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Used for 6 months after the first head wash, Then replace it with anti-loss shampoo.
  • For best result, use anti hair loss tonic along with shampoo.