Keratin, Colored & Damaged Hair Shampoo

  • Voché Keratin, Shampoo Colored & Damaged Hair
  • Specially Formulated To Protect Hair Color And Reduce Negative Effects Of Hair Coloring And Bleaching.


  • Voché Keratin, Shampoo Colored & Damaged Hair
  • Specially formulated to Protect hair color and reduce negative effects of hair coloring and bleaching.
  • Regenerating hair shafts, increase hair thickness and strength due to keratin.
  • Moisturizes deeply the hair due to aloe vera and vitamins A and E.
  • Reduces the hair loss and fortifies the follicles due to biotin and vitamins A, E and B5.
  • Ixes the color on the hair by reducing the negative effects of the sun on the colored hair due to the UV filter and pomegranate extract.
  • Provide essential proteins and vitamins for healthy hair.
  • Regenerate cells, repair hair and strengthen dry, damaged and burnt hair.
  • Softens the hair, increases the shine and condition of the hair.
  • Reduce problems such as hair loss, brittleness, frizz and hair dullness due to creatine protein deficiency.
  • Conditioner and increase hair combability.
  • Protects and increases the strength of hair tissue.
  • Provide long-term health and beauty of hair
  • Sulfate, salt, paraben, silicone, gluten.

Direction for use

  • Apply the shampoo on the keratinized and colored hair shaft then massage gently. keep the foam for few minutes, then rinse thoroughly.